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i sometimes laugh. oh benny

I feel like everyone has this amazing story when they get a guitarist’s pick at a concert and then there’s mine:

Bulls In The Bronx was playing and I was so into the song that my eyes were closed and was swaying whilst holding hands with the girl next to me. During the song at some point Jaime must have thrown his pick into the crowd. I felt something on my cheek and honest to god brushed it away thinking that it was confetti or some other shit but then the thing fell into my bra. My eyes are open now obviously and I’m annoyed and frustrated because I wanted to continue listening to the song. So I take out the object and low and behold what is it?

It took me at least 10 seconds to realise what I was holding and now I understand the term fangirling. I screamed so loud, that the girl I was holding hands with opened her eyes, then we both started screaming. The beauty is that I fail at catching stuff, I am actually so disorientated that walking in a straight line is a mission for me at times let alone catching an object.

Who else can say their boobs caught Jaime Preciado’s pick?

Cause I can and that’s why, obviously, boobs were created. For catching guitar picks at concerts when you least expect it.

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